Contact Info:
We are here for you anytime and want you to feel that you can contact us for anything.

Toll Free Number: 1-800-424-9887

Roxanne Glaser
Content Director
Office:  254-227-6102

Shane Howard
Technical Director
Office:   254-227-6103

Lori Colwill
Director of Instructional Support
Office: 972-422-9292 ext 105

Whirlidurb offers monitoring of all events in real-time so issues can be addressed quickly.  A single point of contact to help with scheduling, troubleshooting, and connectivity. We monitor all our projects and events to ensure quality programing delivered to your students.


If there is a technical problem, we are able to fix and resolve the issues immediately. We can provide after event technical support in the case you had issues during a conference. Quality connections are our main goal.


Hours of Operation: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm CST Monday - Friday*
Help Desk Phone: 800-424-9887


WhirlidurbHelp Desk is closed on official holidays. 

All programs are based on CST -Central Standard Time


Whirlidurb Video Conference Test Units

We offers members endpoints for testing purposes. You can dial these numbers at any time for testing purposes. The units may be unavailable sometimes during other testing or heavy network traffic.


Whirlidurb Test Unit 1 (IP, H.323)

System Type: Polycom

IP Address:

Whirlidurb Test Unit 2 (IP, H.323)

System Type: Lifesize Express 220

IP Address: